January - March 2017

Guadalupe is an artist in residency at The Foreshore in Vancouver, Canada. 

The foreshore describes the land along the edge of a body of water that is repeatedly submerged and revealed by the tide. It is a region of constant flux and unclear jurisdiction.
It is the wet part of the beach.
A collaborative pursuit and shared space between Access Gallery and Other Sights, generating questions, confluence, and aggregation inspired by the conditions of the foreshore.

For her residency at The Foreshore Guadalupe will be working on new stages of an ongoing project (2013-2017).  “Silver. La Reina del Plata” explores a geographical, lyrical, and social mirroring between the North West Pacific coast and el Rio de la Plata, river bordering the coast of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The hinge or axis articulating these two spaces is the body itself, mobile, sensorial and poetic. The body/land.
Throughout the duration of the residency, Martinez will focus on developing studio based projects while offering a series of public events that will invite to reflect upon the relationship between performance and phenomenology, the body and the foreshore as site and metaphor, and the notions of “(water)current” and “erosion” as effect and affect.