reflections on a window glass

Inspired by Clarice Lispector’s book Agua Viva and by the artistic and literary movements of Antropofagia and Realismo-Mágico, Reflections on a window glass is a video journal offering a glimpse into the possible dimensions of an artist's psyche. A woman's inner dialogue as she grapples with the demands of her outer world, her own sensations, and deepest desires. Her role as individual and as strong member of her community. Oscillating between imagined and actual realities, the videos portray a lyrical documentation of singular experiences by women-artists that are committed to their craft and practice through which they have a significant role in caring for their communities. It is an attempt to offer an opportunity for reflection, spaciousness, generating of possibilities, and tools for self and collective healing during a time of change, uncertainty, and loss. 

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