Triangulation of Desire: Sites to Recover from Loss at VIVA! Art Action, Montreal 2019

Initiated by Patric Lacasse and Alexis Bellavance, VIVA! Art Action was founded in 2006 by six artist-run centres from Greater Montreal to support the production of events dedicated to the presentation and advancement of action art practices and knowledge.

For this edition of VIVA! Martinez presents Site of Loss, a third iteration of her performance-research series Triangulation of Desire an ongoing project that revisits and gives homage to latin american performance artists and practices, situating and investigating their existence and relevance through past, present, and future.

At large, Triangulation of Desire is a research-based artwork that explores the relationship between identity and place locating the body at the center of this interaction. Memory, history, and colonial traditions of erasure are addressed and heled, through deep consideration of how the artist’s body may exist at the core of art history and feminist narratives.

All photos by Christian Bujold

Works cited: Alicia D'Amico and Sara Facio, Cecilia VIcuña, Ana Mendieta, Maria Evelia Marmolejo, Yeni and Nan, Polvo de Gallina Negra de Maris Bustamante and Monica Mayer.