from tree to fountain performance at Cathedral Square, Vancouver for Or Gallery 2019

CUERPO's work presented for the public performance in Cathedral Square is the result of a series of collaborative workshops exploring embodiment and intimacy as ways to activate internal processes of healing, poetics, and activism. This performance was developed in collaboration with Stephanie Bueno, Chipo Chipaziwa, Luciana D’Anunciacao, Sai Di, Jane Ellison, Jelena Markovic, Sunny Park, Angelica Poversky, Vanessa Richards, Dalia Shalabi, and Yasmine Whaley-Kalaroa.
Conceived by Guadalupe Martinez, CUERPO is an ongoing research process that places the body at the centre of knowing and enquires how it may exist within the very function of art production and art education as means for healing and decolonization. CUERPO is integrated by a fluid group of young artists and guest mentors. 

This project is supported by the BC Arts Council and the City of Vancouver Public Art Community Grant.

Review: CUERPO Public Performance, by Cindy Chan

Photos by Luciana Freire D'Anunciação and Cross Li