CUERPO | collective body

Embodying Research / Love Actions

Conceived by Guadalupe Martinez, CUERPO Collective Body is an ongoing research process that places the body at the centre of knowing and enquires how it may exist within the very function of art production and art education. 

CUERPO functions as a site and methodology where artistic and teaching practices intertwine and intervene public and private spaces. This practice brings together my artistic and somatic experience where embodied learning is a critical approach to transform conventional systems of art production and education. A holistic process of decolonizing the body and the self, as well as a political way to occupy the often-disembodied spaces of academia and art institutions, allowing for a more expansive space to integrate and share knowledge. A search for a practice where intimacy, embodiment and care may intersect through creative process.

CUERPO is integrated by a fluid group of young artists and guest mentors

Photos by Guadalupe Martinez and Yasmine Whaley-Kalaora