Triangulation of Desire / Return to the Pleasurable (A032, A061, A097), VIVO Media Arts Center, 2017

Guadalupe Martinez’ work explores the relationship between identity and place locating the body at the center of this interaction.  Issues of memory, history, and absence are addressed through her research-based practice in the form of installations, choreographies, and performative interventions.
For thirstDays#12 she presented a new performance Triangulation of Desire / Return to the Pleasurable (A032, A061, A097) in which she responds to elements found in the Crista Dahl Media Library and archive. Responding to elements found in folders A032, A061, A097 from the archive Martinez creates a sequence of gestures drawn from the work of artists such as Lygia Clark (Brazil), Ana Mendieta (Cuba/US), Marie Orensenz (Argentina), and inserts herself within the archive’s narrative by re-enacting, documenting, and incorporating these gestures to it. The work animates actions, contexts, geographies, and histories in a juxtaposition that addresses presence and absence of bodies interjecting the archive’s historicity.

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Image Credit: Alisha Weng