Residency at The Foreshore - January-March 2017
For her residency at The Foreshore Guadalupe will be working on new stages of an ongoing project (2013-2017). “Silver” explores a geographical, lyrical, and social mirroring between the North West Pacific coast and el Rio de la Plata, river bordering the coast of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The hinge or axis articulating these two spaces is the body itself, mobile, sensorial and poetic. The body/land.

Throughout the duration of the residency, Martinez will focused on developing studio based projects while offering a series of public events that invited to reflect upon the relationship between performance and phenomenology, the body and the foreshore as site and metaphor, and the notions of “(water)current” and “erosion” as effect and affect.

Public Events: 
Sunday March 5th, 3pm: Drawing
Join a drawing session hosted by Guadalupe Martinez and Genevieve Dionne. There will be paper, sea water, watercolors, pencils, cookies and spirits.
Please bring graphite pencils, and/or watercolor brushes, and most imposrantly bring an object you would like to draw, we hope to make some still lives.

Thursday March 16th 7pm: Join us for a live performance by Julie Chapple.

Saturday March 18th 2pm: Join Guadalupe Martinez and Carolina Bergonzzoni for a movement workshop developed around Merleau-Ponty's manuscript The Chiasm, The Intertwine.  This will be a moving exploration in phenomenology, embodiment, perception, and notions of erosion and water currents.

Saturday March 25th: Join Guadalupe Martinez and Zoe Kreye on a walk and session where we will explore the relationship to objects looking at their relation to impuse, desire, and "movements that matter".

Tuesday March 28th: Join Stacey Ho and Elisa Ferrari for an exploratory evening of sound, environtment, and sonic meditation.

Photos courtesy of Josema Zamorano and Elisa Ferrari