January to March 2017, Residency at The Foreshore, Public Events: 

Sunday March 5th, 3pm: Drawing
Join a drawing session hosted by Guadalupe Martinez and Genevieve Dionne. There will be paper, sea water, watercolors, pencils, cookies and spirits.
Please bring graphite pencils, and/or watercolor brushes, and most imposrantly bring an object you would like to draw, we hope to make some still lives.

Thursday March 16th 7pm: Join us for a live performance by Julie Chapple.

Saturday March 18th 2pm: Join Guadalupe Martinez and Carolina Bergonzzoni for a movement workshop developed around Merleau-Ponty's manuscript The Chiasm, The Intertwine.  This will be a moving exploration in phenomenology, embodiment, perception, and notions of erosion and water currents.

Saturday March 25th: Join Guadalupe Martinez and Zoe Kreye on a walk and session where we will explore the relationship to objects looking at their relation to impuse, desire, and "movements that matter".

Tuesday March 28th: Join Stacey Ho and Elisa Ferrari for an exploratory evening of sound, environtment, and sonic meditation.

Saturday April 1st: Open Studio