Memories of the body I never was, and forever will be. Latitude 53 / Visualeyez Festival, Edmonton. AB.

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After a week-long series of performative walks in the city of Edmonton, the performance culminates inside the space of Latitude 53 Gallery. Through a 7-part sequence of gestures the performance activates found objects in an attempt to animate the bodies and materials present in the space into new narratives and modes of signification. 
Each stage of the sequence is introduced by a word or phrase such as "Remembrance", "Unoriginal", or "That was made by old men- he said" all make reference to situations encountered during the performative-walks. Follwed by specific actions that utilize the found objects in particular ways, the performance builds a sort of poetic of movements that speak to the history of that place and position the artist/body/self within it, addressing issues of memory, identity, and geopolitics.

Account (in seven parts):

1. Remembered.
2. Basketball
3. Maddona of the Wheat
4. Unoriginal
5. "That was made by old men" -he said
6. Shitty Art
7. Glorious

Part 5. "That was made by old men" -he said.