When walking, and carrying, and moving, and piling, and feeling, and hanging, and wrapping, and touching, and breathing isn’t art. (performed at Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery on May 1st 2014)

When Walking…. is a performance and intervention that took place at the Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery for Martinez’ MFA graduate exhibition. The piece involves seven artists interacting and intervening the space during the opening reception and throughout the duration of the show. The score to their gestures, which are partially choreographed and partially improvised, is a selection of titles from past exhibitions that took place at the gallery in that location, since 1990’s. After researching the Belkin's Archive Martinez selected text that spoke to the relationship between bodies and place, language and space, gender and geopolitics. The materials chosen, the architecture, the bodies and the relationship amongst them provide the material and signified structure over and within which the bodies perform: being at once signifiers and signified. Through a playful and experimental collaboration, the piece attempts to reflect upon the tension between performing and being performed within a structure of signification, and artistic discourse.

With contributions from: Dustin Brons, Nelly Cesar, Luciana D'Anunciacao, Emilio Rojas, Jonathan Syme, and Michelle Wenstein.

Photo Credit: Maegan Hill-Carroll