Dorchester Archive House, Rebuild Foundation, Chicago, US.
 Dear Friends,

I hope you are having a great weekend.  I write to let you know Vancouver-based artist Guadalupe Martinez will be fulfilling a two week Engagement Residency with Rebuild Foundation, beginning Monday July 15 and seeks the participation of  Rebuild's neighbors and community of friends- that would be you!  Her interdisciplinary artistic practice uses community engagement as a catalysis of exploring the political and lyrical relationship between bodies, materials and space, through works in installation and performance. For her project she has proposed a "play-shop" working with the glass slides collection that live in Dorchester Projects' Archive House. Wanting this moment to be as participatory as possible, she is looking to collaborate with neighbors, Chicago artists and others interested in this material to help investigate selected slides, contextualize them and create narratives (current, past, factual or imaginary). The project is very organic and not intended to be finalized in any noted form.  What is most important to her is that she is able to facilitate a space for the community to shape a project stemming from their own interests and activation of their ideas. Because her final day in residence will overlap with Rebuild's Open Hours Sundays programming on July 28, we will carve out a moment to highlight the documented work of Guadalupe and the project's collaborating community on this date. 
She will use the first two days in residence for research before beginning the project. Please feel free to share this invitation with others who you think may be interested in lending themselves to this engagement  and check Rebuild Foundation's website early this coming week for hours of participation!