"SECOND WALK: Assembled meanings for home”

I will walk the streets of Vancouver starting at 10am and finishing at 10pm.

I will enter and access any space that I encounter that is open and/or public.

I will walk slow, aware of my body and the environment.

I will allow the landscape and the place to come into the piece and myself as I walk and build the shelter.

I will collect objects that call my attention, that resonate with me, that speak about this place.

They can only be found: free of charge, discarded or given to me.

I will bring the objects to GAM Gallery through out the day.

I will arrange and re-arrange the objects in the form of a site-specific installation that will evoke notions of shelter, home and asylum.

I can only bring with me clothes to wear and tools.

I will document the action with photography and video.

I will ask the audience to participate in finishing the site specific installation at the end of the day.