SECOND WALK: Assembled Meanings for Home

”SECOND WALK: Assembled meanings for home” is a durational performance where I enacted a 12 hour walk collecting found objects along the surroundings of the gallery and my residence in Vancouver, BC.
This piece is part of a series of walks that intend to explore and research the possibilities to establish a relationship with a specific territory through the act of walking and investigate the submissive or empowering situations that the process involves. This exploration embodies a way to metaphorically relate to an “other” and through that search discover ways of building connections with the internal and the external.
The act of walking embodies a physical consent that wants to exhaust the resistance to connect. During the walk, I collected objects found on the street and brought them into gallery. I was specially interested in entering the vacant lot next door where the Pantages Theatre had stood just a few days ago.
The demolition site represents and presents the tensions existing in the DTES neighborhood in Vancouver, where people experience displacement, marginality and the loss of their culture and historicity. At the end of the day, I arranged the objects in the form of a site-specific installation that will evoke notions of shelter, home and asylum where a performance took place in the form of a theatrical ritual for the LIVE Biennale.
”SECOND WALK: Assembled meanings for home” is a gesture through which to mourn the loss of place, to embody the longed desire of finding a space to rest, a place to Be.

Watch video documentation


Photo credit: Patrick Bleaser

I walk the streets of Vancouver starting at 10am and finishing at 10pm.
I enter and access any space that I encounter that is open and/or public. I will walk slow, aware of my body and the environment.
I allow the landscape and the place to come into the piece and myself as I walk and build the shelter.
I collect objects that call my attention, that resonate with me, that speak about this place.
They can only be found: free of charge, discarded or given to me.
I bring the objects to GAM Gallery through out the day.
I arrange and re-arrange the objects in the form of a site-specific installation that will evoke notions of shelter, home and asylum. I can only bring with me clothes to wear and tools.
I document the action with photography and video.

Video Stills of durational walk