In collaboration with Emilio Rojas and Matias Armendaris, Dia de Muertos is a participatory performance and video Installation.

Alluding the Mexican day of the dead, this piece intends to integrate the Latin American ritual into a North American context. Re-visiting the significations that the celebration invokes, the artists intend to bring to surface the unspoken fear to death, to the body and to finite present in western-consumption-popular culture. In a participatory live and durational performance, the audience is invited to build through out a period of 4 days, a collective altar comprising rituals, photos and offerings in honor to lost ones and in recognition of Death.

This piece reflects upon contemporary syncretism and hybridity within a post-colonial and migrational context.

 “ The unexpected violence that tear us apart, the uncontrollable splendor or solemnity of our celebrations, the cult of the death, end up disconcerting the foreigner” Octavio Paz. The Labyrinth of Solitude.