Back Yard Project is a textile Installation piece that was created during a one month residency at Hammock in Vancouver, BC.

This project intends to create a dialog between public and private space using the context of the garden or back yard as a setting for this debate.

Five large scale, hand sewn, white gowns, lighted from the inside appropriate the back yard at Hammock's Residency house.

For this one month project, I met up with hammock residency's operator, Heidi Nagtegaal, and heard stories about her home, her domestic space (where the residency takes place), about her childhood, and talked about our political, cosmological and social ideologies.

With the stories, memories and reflections that I gathered, I created an public outdoor installation that invited the audience to step into a metaphorical journey through the privacy and intimacy of the House, the abandoned female narratives of domesticity and the foggy labyrinths of memory.

Together with this installation, we invited artist Lois Klassen, to bring her public piece Garden Gnomad into the private space of the house, and work from the living room on her participatory piece.