B. 1980


2014  MFA, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada  

           Reseacrh: Impossible Symmetry, Possible Gestures: Performing the Present                 Condition, Embodiment, and Production of Space. 
2008  BFA, U.N.A, Buenos Aires, Argentina

           Research: Rituals in Contemporary Art Practices. Ana Mendieta: Life, Death,    
                    Art and Religion.  Advisor: Rodrigo Alonso 


2020  Research/Resurgence, Or Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Curated by Denise 
2019  Dare Dare, VIVA! Art Action, Montreal, QC, Canada. Curated by Christian Bujold.
          Spill: Response, Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC Curated by Lorna Brown and 
          Guadalupe Martinez
          CUERPO,Or Gallery at Cathedral Square, Vancouver BC. Curated by Denise Ryner.
2018  FUSE,Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Curated by Pablo de Ocampo.
          zero, ground, Performance at Griffin Art Projects, North Vancouver, BC. Curated by  
          Lee Pleasted.
          FUSE, VancouverArt Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Curated by Tarah Hogue and 
          cheyanne tourions.
2017  ThirstDays#12. VIVOMedia Arts Centre, Vancouver, BC. Curated by Elisa Ferrari, 
          Stacey Ho andJayce Salloum
2015  Memories of the body I never was, and forever will be. Performance. Latitude 53 
          Gallery.  Edmonton, AB, Canada. Curated by Todd Janes. 
2014  Eight Ounces Half a Pound. Access Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Curated by   Kimberly Phillips. 
 SUPERMOON. Helen & Morris Belkin Art Gallery. Graduate Exhibition.   Vancouver, Canada. 
 Teaching Material. AHVA Gallery, 37th Annual Art History, Visual Art and   Theory Graduate SymposiumLecture-Performance. 37th Annual Art History, Visual   Art and Theory Graduate Symposium: Shifting Pedagogies. Vancouver, BC, Canada. 
2013 ThisPlace Vancouver,Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada.Curated by Glenn   Alteen. 
         Anatomize Obfuscation. The Apartment, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Curated by Lee  
 Infr’action Venezia. Performance Festival, Venice, Italy.
2012 Shared Remedies. Elsewhere Living Museum, NC, USA. 
         The Drag.LIVE Biennale Vancouver Performance Festival, Vancouver, BC
2011  Second Walk: Assembled Meanings for Home, Gam Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2010  What Remains in the SilenceShudder Gallery curated by Denver Lynxleg 

2020  BC Arts Council Project Assistance.
2019  BC Arts Council Project Assistance.
2017  BC Arts Council Early Career Development Program. 
2016  BC Arts Council Early Career Development Program. 
2013  SSHRC, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Award, Canada
2013  BC FILM; MEDIA ARTS INNOVATION FUND, with grunt gallery, Vancouver, BC
2013  Faculty of Arts Graduate Research AwardUBC, Vancouver, BC 
2012  BC Arts Council Scholarship Award, Vancouver, BC.2012 
          UBC Faculty of Arts Graduate Award, Vancouver, BC, Canada.2012 
          Vermont Studio Center Grant Award, Vermont, VT, USA. 
2010  Rousseau et Vermette Scholarship, Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta, Canada. 


2020 Artist Talk, Research/Resurgence, Or Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Curated by  
         Denise Ryner.
2019 Lecture Performance: Poetic Actions and Devices for Somatic Activism,   
         Presentation at Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA. Invited by Lee 
2018 Talk: Guest Artist for portfolio series with Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, SUR Gallery, 
         Toronto, ON.
         Conference:Arts in Society presentation with Zoe Kreye, Emily Carr University, 
          Vancouver, BC.
2014 Talk: Through Weight, Workshop-presentation with Zoe Kreye, Griffin Art Projects, 
         North Vancouver, Canada. 
2014 Talk: In Conversation: with Brendan Fernandes on Eight Ounces Half a Pound
         Access Gallery, Vancouver, Canada. 
         Symposium:Signifying Bodies, Active Words: thoughts on the work of Paulo 
         Freire and Julia  Kristeva.University of British Columbia 37th Annual Art History, 
         Visual Art and Theory Graduate Symposium: Shifting Pedagogies. Vancouver, BC
         Lecture: I FEEL YOUArtist lecture-performance. University of British Columbia, 
         Lesserre Auditorium, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 
2013 Talk: ThisPlace Backgound VancouverArtist talk, Grunt Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2012 Talk: Plan B, Artist talk,Vermont Studio Center’s Auditorium, VT, USA. 
         Talk:Shared Remedies, Artist talkElsewhere Living Museum, NC, USA. 


2020   from tree to fonutain, Guadalupe Martinez and CUERPO, printed by Moniker Press, 
           Vancouver BC.
2018  Jayce Salloum, Tarah Houghe, and Elisa Ferrari, Thirst Days End Notes, VIVO Media 
          Arts Centre Vancouver, BC.
2015  Cian Craig, Memories of the Body I Never Was, Visualeyez Festival, Edmonton, AB
          Lois Klassen, "Arriving at Nowhere: Reflection on Chris Kraus's Radical Localism"
          Fillip Journal.  Vancouver, BC.
2014  Tarah Hogue,The Refeatured Landscape: Embodied Approaches to the Imaging of 
          the City, Decoy Magazine and Balcone Art Society. Editor: Lauren Marsden.  
          Kimberly Phillips, The Weight of Things, Eight Ounces Half a Pound, Access Gallery. 
          Printed by Bond Reproductions, Vancouver. 
2014  Dana Claxton, Together Doings: Presence in the work of Guadalupe Martinez, 
          SUPERMOON: Graduate exhibition catalogue, BRICKPRESS, Vancouver. 
2013  Jeremy Jaud, Ten Thousand Suns, Belkin Satellite, Vancouver.2013 
          Tobin Gibson, Who – me (what – this)?, The Commons, Vancouver.2013 
          Polina Bachlakova, SCULPT, PERFORM, BUILD, Beatroute Magazine, Vancouver. 
2012  Jordan Green, Visiting artist explores health, localism and community, Yes Weekly, 
          Greensboro NC.
2011  Lois Klassen, Poetry Battles, LIVE Biennale, Vancouver.
2010  Christopher Dzierzawa, What Remains in the Silence, Shudder Gallery, Vancouver. 


2017  Residency: The Foreshore, Guest Artist in Residency. Vancouver, BC.
2015  Workshop: The Abramovic-MethodPerformance Art Biennale. Buenos Aires,   
          Seminar: Performance Pedagogy, Embodiment and Text. ESSARP. Buenos 
          Aires, Argentina.
          Workshop: Introduction to Body-Mind PsychotherapyEDAM Studio, Vancouver, 
2014  Residency: Self-Directed Research, Museo de Tigre. Tigre, Argentina.
          Workshop:La Pocha Nostra, Radical PedagogyPerforming Utopias Conference at 
          UBC, Vancouver, BC.
2013  Guest Artist in Residency: Dorchester Projects’ Archive-House, Rebuild 
          Foundation, Chicago, IL
2012  Elsewhere Collective, Self-directed residency, Greensboro, NC, USA
          Claire Fontaine: Human Strike Within Moving Images. SFU, Vancouver, BC
          Residency: Vermont Studio Center, Self-directed residency, Vermont, VT, USA
2011  Residency: STAG (Strathcona Art Gallery), Vancouver, BC, Canada.
          SeminarMaster Class Video for Performance Art, VIVO Media arts Centre, 
          Vancouver, BC.
2010  Residency: Banff Center for the Arts, Ken Lum’s Master Class: The object of art  
          and art as object, AB, Canada.
          Residency: Hammock Residency, Vancouver, BC, Canada. 


Upcoming 2020 The Light of the World retreat with Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng, Arizona
2002-present Meditation and Mystic Psychology practices with Roberto Solari at Fundación 
         Harmonia Humanitas, Bs As, Argentina
2019 Six-month intensive School of Awakening with Eckhart Tolle and Kim Eng, California
2019 Presence through Movement workshop with Kim Eng, California US
2019 Movement Patterning Intensive with Helen Walkely, Vancouver BC
2019 Introduction to Movement Patterning with Helen Walkely, Vancouver BC
2019 Embodiment Practice with Jane Ellison, Vancouver, BC
2018 Body-Mind Psychotherapy Intensive with Susan Aphoshan, Vancouver, BC
2008 Expressive Arts Therapy Level 1 with Graciela Bottini, Bs As, Argentina
2005 The Art of Enneagram, Intensive with Luis Yacachuri, Bs As, Argentina
2002-2005 Workshops and one day sessions in Radical Alivenes and Mandala of Being with 
         Richard Moss MD.


2020 Sessional Lecturer and Instructor VISA390 Performance Art and Actions in the Field 
         of Contemporary Art at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
2019 Sessional Lecturer and Instructor VISA390 Performance Art and Actions in the Field 
         of Contemporary Art at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
         Sessional Lecturer and Instructor VISA470 Performance Art and Approaches at  
         University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
2018 Sessional Lecturer and Instructor VISA390 Performance Art and Actions in the Field 
         of Contemporary Art at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
2017 Sessional Lecturer and Instructor VISA390 Performance Art and Actions in the Field 
         of Contemporary Art at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
2019 Sessional Instructor at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC
2015-2017 Guest lecturer and substitutions for advanced studio and seminar courses at 
         University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC
2012-2014 Teaching Assistant at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC